Monday, July 21, 2014

Come shop my vintage finds!

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to start this up! McKell's Closet is a place where you can buy vintage furniture, decor and more to add character to your lovely home. I have a passion for collecting unique pieces and am now sharing them with you all! I love to find pieces that are conversation starters.

Love KSL but hate driving to timbuktu to pick them up?? (I know I do!) Everything I sell is located in Brigham City for local pickup! All items will be first come first serve. Whoever comments or texts me first and picks up gets it! *I will post new items every TUESDAY.*

Payment will be cash only (or Paypal if needed).

*If you have antique items that you would like to sell, please contact me! I am happy to buy items from you if they sing to me 

*Consignment- I'm sure a lot of you have things you would like to sell, but don't have the time or want to store it anymore. I am happy to sell your items for you! I will pick up your items and store them at my house until they sell! We will split the commission 60% / 40%. Contact me if interested. Email me:

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bluum Monthly Subscription Box Review!

I'm kind of obsessed with monthly box subscriptions.  If I could afford it (and if the hubs would allow it) I would sign up for loads of them!  Have you guys heard of Bluum?!  I'm so excited to share this monthly subscription box with you guys!  It's a monthly box full of new goodies for mom and baby from pregnancy to preschool.  Here's how it works:

  • Customize

    • each bluum box is hand-packed for each bluum mom
    • products are based on your child's age, gender and developmental stage
    • get bluum or gift bluum today!
  • Pick a plan

    • choose from convenient, flexible plans, save more the longer you stay
    • always FREE SHIPPING
    • FREE months when you refer friends
  • Enjoy!

    • boxes ship on the 17th of each month
    • review products in your account and earn points redeemable for free months
    • purchase your favorite products right from your account

I was lucky enough to be able to review a Bluum box for my 7 month old.  You can bet I was anxiously checking the mail every day until it got here  :)  It shipped on the 17th and I got it on the 20th!  Holy speedy shipping!!  I love that.

Look at this b-e-a-uuutiful box that came in the mail today!  It was such a pretty red, I couldn't wait to open it.

Can you tell my 7 month (almost 8 month) old was just as excited to open it?!

Oh those cute little chubby hands couldn't wait to reach in and see what goodies were waiting inside!

Look at all those goodies!

Here is everything we got in detail...

Mirari Wee Keys- retails for $9.94 on Amazon
These are darling!  They make car sounds- beep! beep! vroooom!  My son loves them and put them straight to his mouth as you can see  :)

Flap Happy Hat- retails for $9.99 on Amazon
This hat is so stinkin cute!  Perfect for our many trips to the pool this Summer.  My baby is a baldy, so this will help his little head stay out of the sun.

Playtex Training Time Sippy Cup- retails for $5.83 on Amazon
I love trying new sippy cups and this looks like a good one.  There were also a bunch of Playtex coupons included too!

Beech-Nut Pineapple, Pear & Avocado 100% Natural Baby Food- retails for $1.04 at Smiths
I've seen the Beech-Nut commercials on tv lately and have wanted to try this baby food.  I love that it's 100% natural for my baby.  My baby loooved it and I had to try a bite too, yummo!  They also included $1 off coupon purchase of 3 jars.  I am a crazy couponer, so this makes me happy  :)

Baby Banz Sunglasses- retails for $12.75 on Amazon
Look how gosh darn cute he looks...  We are ready for Summer at our house thanks to Bluum!

That's a total retail value of $39.55 plus coupons on top of that!  For only $24.95 a month, you can't pass that up!  BUT you can get 50% off your first month!  For basically $12, you can get $40 worth of great new products!  Click HERE to sign up for Bluum and enter this couponcode to get the 50% off:  StorkStack
If you sign up for a longer subscription, you can get an even lower discounted price.  As low as $20.99.

Nothing is more fun than getting happy surprise mail for you and your kiddos!  Go sign up, you won't regret it!


Monday, April 28, 2014

Graze Box- get yours for FREE!

If you can't tell, I am loving monthly subscription boxes!  What's better than happy mail delivered to your door?!

Have you guys heard of Graze?  It's a HEALTHY snack box delivered right to your door every 2 weeks or monthly!  How great is that??  I was so excited to try out this box because I've been trying to eat healthier.  I don't know what it is about breastfeeding and craving sweets for me...but it is terrible!  (Anyone else have that same problem??)

---->You can go get your 1st box for FREE!!  Just use this link: 
No worries, you can cancel at any time.  But if you keep your subscription, you will get your 5th box for FREE as well.

This is what your Graze box will look like.

Open it up and yay!  Yummy, healthy snacks!!

The snacks are got are:  raspberry & coconut muffin (amaretti drops, raspberry infused cranberries, almond slices and coconut flakes), apple & cinnamon flapjack (rustic rolled oat flapjack with apple and cinnamon), triple berry smoothie (mini strawberries, blueberries, cranberries and banana coins) & el picante (jumbo salted corn, hot chili peanuts and mini paprika breadsticks)

All snacks come in their our cute little sealed plastic containers.  Perfect to throw in your purse and take to work or have on the go.  And I will keep the containers for snacks for my kiddos.  Perfect little size.  

Seriously, go try it!  You cannot say no to FREE!  Again, go HERE to sign up to get your own Graze snack box.  


Monday, April 14, 2014

Citrus Lane

March 2014 box

Citrus Lane is such a fun thing for your kiddos!  Every month they get a surprise box full of new toys and goodies in the mail.  Most of the companies are eco friendly and I love that.  This is my almost 3 year old dude with his March goodies.  Can you tell he was so excited??  His April box should be here this week!  (I might be a little more excited for his box to come than he is... ;)  

**Get your kiddos a box for HALF OFF through this link:

Boxes are normally $29/month.  Or if you sign up for 3 months- $24/month, 6 months- $21/month.
You can cancel at any time but you probably won't want to!

Here is his April 2014 unboxing video:

April 2014 box


Sunday, April 13, 2014


Have you guys heard of Ipsy??  It's a monthly subscription beauty box.  You only pay $10 per month and get a surprise box full of 4-5 beauty products delivered to you every month.  I absolutely LOVE it! I love trying out new products, and this has been an affordable way to do it.  And it is so fun to get a little surprise package just for ME every month.  Oh and your goodies come in a cute different makeup bag every month.  I use them to organize my diaper bag for lip glosses, snacks, pens...etc.

Go get yours at:

You can cancel at any time.  But trust me, you won't want to!

Here is my first months box for February:

And here is my March box:

Here is my April 2014 box:


Monday, June 25, 2012

Blog Break

I've decided to take a blog break to enjoy the Summer with my son & hubby.  Not sure how long it will be....but it's needed  :)  I've really appreciated my readers (if there are any that look at my blog regularly....thank you!)

Have a fun Summer ya'll!  :)


Friday, June 22, 2012

Turn Old Drawers Into Planters!

My front porch has desperately been needing planters for awhile now!  I'm way too cheap to spend lots on pots.  So I got to thinking what I could use for planters instead of having to buy pots....  I remembered seeing some old drawers in our shed.  (They were left behind when we bought our house)  Ah ha!  I can turn those old drawers into planters!  Yay!

{Turning Old Drawers Into Planters Tutorial}

Here's what you'll need....
old drawers
paint  (I used a poolside blue from Ace Hardware, quart)
paint brushes
sand paper
cute knobs

{Poolside Blue}  I'm pretty much in love with this color!

My cute glass knobs...

1}  Sand any loose paint or rough edges on the drawers.  (and clean them!  mine were really gross & dirty because they had been sitting in a shed for years & years & years I'm sure.)

Ooooooh!  Look how pretty that paint is!!  :)

2}  Start painting away!  I painted everything but the bottom inside of the drawer.  It will be covered with dirt, so you won't see it.

*I used this brilliant idea from Pinterest.  Use a rubberband to wipe off your paint brush so you don't drip & so you don't have to use the side of the can.  No mess!  Brilliant.

First coat, woohoo!

Just waiting for my drawers to dry....

I was surprised at how little paint I actually had to use.  I got a quart & only skimmed a little off the top.  I have lots left, good thing I love this color!  I can do more fun projects with it, yay  :)

My little dude & I had a paint party  :)  Isn't he so cute?!

4}  Grab that drill & drill holes in the bottom of your drawers so water can drain.  I did 5 holes total, 1 in each corner & 1 in the middle.

5}  Place cupcake liners over the holes so mud doesn't run out the bottom.  (idea found on Pinterest)

6}  Plant all your flowers.  I filled about 3/4 of my drawers with regular dirt, then the top with good potting soil.  Saves on cost.

Here's all my pretty flowers just waiting to be planted, yay! 
I used zinnias, marigolds, petunias, lobelias & catmint.

And here they are!  Love love love them  :)

7}  Add your knobs.  My knobs didn't have screws, so I just glued them to the front.  Love that extra  little touch.

So fun huh!  I love these because they are easy & have so much character.  Oh & cheap too!  :)  (just don't ask how much I paid for all the flowers......I didn't realize how darn expensive plants are!)