Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Citrus Lane Unboxing March 2015 for a 4 Year Old Boy!

Let's face it, subscription boxes are fun!  Especially for the littles.  Today we got some happy mail from Citrus Lane.  You can get your kiddos one too for 50% off!  Just go through my link:

Here's the unboxing video:
(Sorry for the poor quality, my iPhone doesn't have any storage left so I had to use the crappy handheld...  I should probably back that up or something.)

And here is everything we got in the box...

Dinosaur Wallet from Stephen Joseph- $8.73 on Amazon
Out of this World Apron- $15.89 on Amazon
Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad- $4.99 on Amazon
Honey Graham Sticks Back To Nature- about $.88 each on Amazon

Total of $30.49 value on Amazon.  I know the values would be higher on their websites, but I like to look for the lowest prices and where I would buy them.  Boxes are $29 each, but I got my first box for $14.50.  So not too shabby.  Got get a box, your little ones will love the fun surprises each month :)

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