Thursday, March 15, 2012

Garden Ideas

:) Yay for Spring!
So excited for warm weather, playing outside, walks, bbq's & growing a garden!
This is our first time EVER attempting a garden, so we will see how it goes. My hubby is building us some garden boxes this weekend, so here is a little inspiration I found....

I love these raised garden boxes! We will be doing something like this for sure! (I'll post pictures when they are finished)

Make a garden from wine boxes! I love this idea!! If you don't have enough room to have a big a stand & use wine boxes for your garden. I love the look!

I also want to plant herbs since I've been cooking homemade meals so much lately! I love the idea of planting herbs in old tea cans! Where could I get these??

Hope that helped inspire you with your gardening ideas too!
Happy Spring All :)


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  1. OMG that top picture totally made me bust a gut! Thanks for sharing!


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