Friday, March 2, 2012

DIY Easter Wreath

Last year I made this wreath for Easter. It was so simple & cheap! Always love those kind of crafts, don't you? :)

Here's what you'll need...
wreath form (you can even use a swim noodle, just form it into a circle & duct tape!)
scrap fabric
foam easter eggs (Dollar Tree)
hot glue gun

Sorry I didn't take any pictures when I made it. But it's really easy.

1} wrap the scrap fabric around your wreath & glue the end down. use the same color as the lace you will be using. i used white.

2} wrap your lace around your wreath, glue the end down.

3} glue the eggs wherever you'd like on the wreath.

4} use a cute piece of lace or ribbon to hang your wreath on your door. and you're done!

Easy huh. Now you have a darling Easter wreath you made in just a few minutes!

Check out this little cutie looking at me through the window when I was taking these pictures :)


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