Wednesday, January 11, 2012

La La Love You Heart Wreath Tutorial

♥Heart Day Crafts Day 3!

{La La Love You Hearth Wreath Tutorial}

Here's what you'll need.....

Heart wreath form: $3.49 @ Hobby Lobby
Red felt sheets: 4/$1.00 @ Hobby Lobby
2.5" x 3.5" picture frame: $1.00 @ Dollar Tree
Bakers twine, ribbon or lace: on hand
White acrylic paint or spray paint: on hand
Glue gun

Take a felt sheet, fold it in half (hamburger style), cut it in half, lay the halves on top of each other & cute 2 inch strips.

This is what your strips will look like. It's ok if they aren't perfectly straight, mine sure aren't!

I didn't count how many strips I cut, just cut a bunch! I used exactly 2 sheets of felt.

I started at the left side of the heart. Take a strip, wrap it around the wreath good & tight then glue the strip down.

Take another strip & overlap a little bit (more or less than I did if you want), wrap the strip around & glue flat on back. Repeat until all the way around the wreath.

Finished the wreath!

Little dude wants to play with it :)

Next grab your frame. Take out the back & glass then paint it white (or a different color if you'd like).

Then print {THIS} to fit inside your frame.
Or do any other print you'd like.

Take the stand off back of the frame because you won't need it. It easily pops out.

Next: take your heart wreath, framed picture, glue gun & twine.

Lay your twine over the front of your wreath leaving enough room for a loop at the top of your wreath.

Take the two ends of the twine, wrap them underneath the wreath & pull tight.

Now flip your wreath over & tie knots on both sides. (don't judge the back of my wreath, you won't see it so it's ok if it's ugly, right?)

Flip your wreath back over so the front side is facing up.

Decide where you want your frame to hang.

Flip the wreath back over & glue the twine to the frame & trim the excess twine.

And you're finished! Hang it on your door & enjoy your cutest Heart wreath you just created :)

Would love to see your heart wreaths you create!
Email me your wreaths at:

Enjoy :)


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