Tuesday, January 10, 2012

♥Framed Heart Art

Heart Day Crafts Day 2!

{Framed Heart Art Tutorial}

Here's what you'll need...

8x10 frame: $1.00 @ Dollar Tree
Old book: on hand or get one for $1 at the thrift store
Heart punch (1 1/2"): $5.99 @ Hobby Lobby
Glue dots: on hand
Cardstock: on hand
Red paint card sample: free at Walmart, Lowes or Home Depot

Punch out 23 hearts from your book pages. And 1 heart from your red paint sample.
You will have 24 hearts total.

Take out the glass from the picture frame. Lay your cardstock in the frame (you may have to cut off a half inch or so to fit in the frame). Tape the paper to the inside of the frame from back so it doesn't move. Flip your frame so it's right side up.

Attaching the hearts:
Measure if you want, but I didn't want to! :)
So....starting at the top left lay out 6 hearts from top to bottom. Then attach them with a glue dot to the paper.

Next starting at the top, place 3 more hearts from left to right then attach them with a glue dot. This makes it easy to get the hearts pretty straight. Continue attaching all the hearts and add one red heart wherever you'd like.
(When you're done you will obviously put the glass back in the frame.)

And you're done! You have your own Heart Art :)


P.S. Does anyone know how to take a picture of a picture frame without getting glare or your reflection in the picture?! It's hard not to!



  1. I would take out the glass to take the picture. :)

    1. Wow, I'm a dork! :) Haha. You are a genius, thanks!


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