Monday, September 19, 2011

Long Sleeve Tee Revamp

If you can't tell I've been super into tee makeovers lately.
I like to pretend I can sew ;)

Turn an old long sleeve shirt into a Gathered Sleeve & Bow Tee!

Here's what you need:
Long sleeve shirt
Sewing machine, thread & needle.

here's my long sleeve shirt. cute, but super plain!

1- decide where you want to cut your sleeves & cut away. keep your sleeves! you will use them later :) {mine was really easy to cut because it has stripes, so i just cut across the stripe.}

{i didn't bother hemming the sleeves because my tee is knit. but go ahead & hem yours if you'd like!}

2- starting at the shoulder just underneath the hem, do a front & back stitch. using a straight stitch.

3- still using a straight stitch, gather your sleeve up every few stitches. just push up the fabric & sew straight.

4- after you've done both sleeves, this is what your tee will look like.
{you can stop here, but we can make it cuter!}

5- take one of your sleeves

6- cut a piece to make a bow with. {depending on how big you want your bow to be}

7- turn inside out so right sides are facing each other. you only have to sew 2 sides. on one side leave an opening so you can turn your fabric right side out.

8- turn fabric right side out pushing the corners out with a pencil. hand stitch the opening shut.

9- cut a long stitch of fabric.

10- make a ring out of it.

11- slip your ring over your square fabric to the center.

12- and TADA! you have a bow :)

13- decide where you want your bow to be & hand stitch it on.
and you're DONE! not too hard right?

"Sew" easy & sassy!
I hope you liked the tutorial. Let me know if you have any questions.

Would love to see your Gathered Sleeve & Bow Tees if you decide to make one.
Send me a picture at:

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Have a Happy Day :)



  1. Love this. Recently found your blog and I am enjoying it!

  2. It would be nice to see the gathered sleeves ON you. They're cut off the photos where you're in the shirt.


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