Friday, July 29, 2011

Monkey Legs

My husband wanted to kick my butt for ordering leg warmers for our little boy.
He said they are "girly".
I think they are cute! And they will be nice for when he starts crawling.
Plus they can wear them on their arms when they get older so it looks like they are wearing a long sleeve shirt underneath.

I found these "handsome" leg warmers at My Little Legs. Ever been to their site?
I wanted to buy some Baby Legs, but they were way too expensive. So I searched & found My Little Legs. They are super affordable & you can always find coupon codes online. Plus they give you FREE SHIPPING! Sa-weet right?
Right now you can get 5 sets of leg warmers in their Clearance section for only $15!
That's $3 each!!! {Both for boys & girls}

Look how much my little monkey has grown!
from this.....

to this....

He is 3 months now & I love him more than ever!
His little monkey hat fits him just right now.

but he doesn't love it :)
i'm so mean....

You can find this cute monkey hat in my Etsy Shop.


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  1. He is absolutely adorable, McKell!! And I love that little monkey hat! =)


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