Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why I Love Yard Sales

I absolutely LOVE yard sales!  We go every single weekend.  
Here are my latest finds at last weekends yard sales....

I instantly fell in love with these chairs when I saw them!
I talked them down to $15 for the pair!  Killer huh!!  And they even threw in a portable bbq too  :)

Cute little playskool bike for my little dude, only $4.

He looooooves it  :)

Am I weird I like this rusty old bucket?  Well I do!  I'm thinking of planting some flowers in it for my front porch.  Only paid $1.

Loved this old mini shovel, still deciding where to display it...
Only $4.

And this cute little ladder to display my pinwheels.  $2

All that for 26 bucks!  Not too shabby I'd say  :)  Yard sales are sooo much better than thrift stores!  I am absolutely a yard sale junkie.  Love them.


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  1. I want those chairs!! so awesome! and he's not such a little dude anymore! can't believe how much he's grown :)


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