Friday, June 22, 2012

Turn Old Drawers Into Planters!

My front porch has desperately been needing planters for awhile now!  I'm way too cheap to spend lots on pots.  So I got to thinking what I could use for planters instead of having to buy pots....  I remembered seeing some old drawers in our shed.  (They were left behind when we bought our house)  Ah ha!  I can turn those old drawers into planters!  Yay!

{Turning Old Drawers Into Planters Tutorial}

Here's what you'll need....
old drawers
paint  (I used a poolside blue from Ace Hardware, quart)
paint brushes
sand paper
cute knobs

{Poolside Blue}  I'm pretty much in love with this color!

My cute glass knobs...

1}  Sand any loose paint or rough edges on the drawers.  (and clean them!  mine were really gross & dirty because they had been sitting in a shed for years & years & years I'm sure.)

Ooooooh!  Look how pretty that paint is!!  :)

2}  Start painting away!  I painted everything but the bottom inside of the drawer.  It will be covered with dirt, so you won't see it.

*I used this brilliant idea from Pinterest.  Use a rubberband to wipe off your paint brush so you don't drip & so you don't have to use the side of the can.  No mess!  Brilliant.

First coat, woohoo!

Just waiting for my drawers to dry....

I was surprised at how little paint I actually had to use.  I got a quart & only skimmed a little off the top.  I have lots left, good thing I love this color!  I can do more fun projects with it, yay  :)

My little dude & I had a paint party  :)  Isn't he so cute?!

4}  Grab that drill & drill holes in the bottom of your drawers so water can drain.  I did 5 holes total, 1 in each corner & 1 in the middle.

5}  Place cupcake liners over the holes so mud doesn't run out the bottom.  (idea found on Pinterest)

6}  Plant all your flowers.  I filled about 3/4 of my drawers with regular dirt, then the top with good potting soil.  Saves on cost.

Here's all my pretty flowers just waiting to be planted, yay! 
I used zinnias, marigolds, petunias, lobelias & catmint.

And here they are!  Love love love them  :)

7}  Add your knobs.  My knobs didn't have screws, so I just glued them to the front.  Love that extra  little touch.

So fun huh!  I love these because they are easy & have so much character.  Oh & cheap too!  :)  (just don't ask how much I paid for all the flowers......I didn't realize how darn expensive plants are!)


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