Friday, June 15, 2012

My favorite Diaper Bag

I have looooooved my diaper bag!  It's something you use every day, so you have to love it.  I got the Kalencom Diaper Bag in the Zinnia design from {Amazon} for $63.99 + Free Shipping!  There are tons of other designs in that price range too.

What I love about this bag....
There is TONS of space!  I always like to be prepared & pack extra.  I never feel like I don't have enough room.
It comes with a bottle carrier, changing pad & zipper pouch.  I use the zipper pouch to store diapers so I always know where they are.
The diaper bag is super easy to clean because it is plastic.  Just wipe it down!
It has side pockets so I always know where my phone & keys are.
You can get a cute matching pacifier pod {here} for $10.  Worth it!
And it's such a cute design!  I always get compliments on my cute diaper bag & get asked where I got it.

Now you can get one too  :)


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