Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Penguin Classics Clothbound Books

Here's my collection of classic clothbound books!  I love the covers, don't you??  They are gorgeous & look perfect on my built in bookshelves!  I want them all NOW, but am slowly collecting them.  They have classics like Pride & Prejudice, Emma, Persuasion, Jane Eyre, Oliver Twist....etc.  

I've found the best price for these books is on Amazon.  The average is about $13.60 per book.  
Find them {HERE} & start your collection  :)


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  1. I love these! I'm slowly building my collection, usually just order one along w/ whatever else i'm getting on amazon. I think I'm up to 8.. and you just reminded me that i don't have sense & sensibility yet! need to get on it.


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