Monday, April 16, 2012

7 Ways to make a Ruffle

1. Basic fold-over ruffle: Fold over strip and gather the top.

2. Basic hemmed ruffle: Hem the bottom by folding over 1/4" twice. Press and stitch. Gather the top.

3. Serged ruffle: Serge the bottom edge, gather the top edge.

4. Tube ruffle: Create a tube by folding a strip in half, sewing and turning it right side out. Gather in the middle of the strip.

5. Two-tone ruffle technique: sew two different color strips together, press the seam open and fold wrong sides together. Press again and gather the top.

6. Bias ruffle: Cut a strip out on the bias. Gather at the top or the middle for ruffle that won't fray (too much!).

7. Knit ruffles: Make a ruffle with a strip of knit fabric, since it's a knit you don't need to finish the edges!

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