Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pounds Lost Jar

For awhile now I've known that I need to get my booty in shape, it's just been hard to get the motivation, find the time, bla bla bla.... I just need to do it!
I've set goals, taken before pictures {and NO I will not show you those!}, and started the process.

I saw this idea somewhere on Pinterest {sorry I can't remember where} & made it my own.
This is such an awesome way to see your progress.

What you need....
mason jars w/ vintage lids
pounds to loose & pounds lost print
glue dots

And that's it!

don't try to count my buttons, I have lots of poundage to loose!

Feel free to use the pictures I made for my jars. Just right click on the images & save them.


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  1. I am doing this today!!!! I have an idea like this saved on pinterest, but your jars so soooo cute!!! Thanks for the inspiration!


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