Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pinecone Stocking Holders Tutorial

I really needed stocking holders, but couldn't find anything I liked or wanted to spend much money on..... So I made my own!

You can make your very own pinecone stocking holders for less than a few dollars each too!

Here's what you'll need:
glass ashtray (Dollar Tree)
pinecones (i got a bag of red pinecones from Dollar Tree, but you can gather them for free! then paint them red or whatever color you'd like)
hooks (i got suction cup hooks from Dollar Tree & took the metal hook off the suction cup)
spray glitter
fake snow (i got a giant bag from Walmart for $2.50)
glue gun

Flip your ashtray upside down. Glue metal hook to the front of the ashtray. Paint your pinecone whatever color you'd like. Add glitter spray too! (I used gold) Then sprinkle fake snow on top of your pinecone. Glue your pinecone to the top of the ashtray & VOILA! You have a new, super cute, super cheap stocking holder! Make as many as you'd like :)

Here's my fireplace mantel....
Super simple but I like it.

Getting so excited for Christmas! :)



  1. Such a great idea! Oh how I wish I had known this trick a couple of weeks ago. There's always next year however.

  2. So cute! I agree with Aimee.....wish I would have known this a few weeks ago! :)


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