Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Find out what body shape you are....

Now that we are living with my hubby's parents & they have tv......
I've been watching "What Not to Wear" every day. I wish I could go on that show! I need a new wardrobe & advice on how to dress this shapely body of mine.

Since I will probably NOT be going on the show....
I found {THIS} website for now :) Find out your body shape & how to dress it! Love it.
I am definitely an hourglass, what are you??



  1. I'm more of an apple or rectangle. I got this dress at Old navy the other day that goes in just above my waist (where it's the smallest) and it made me look super thin :) it's hard finding things that flatter.

  2. I am passing a Liebster blog award onto you come check out the details at... http://thesipproject.blogspot.com/


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