Wednesday, November 16, 2011

5 minute Dollar Store Infinity Scarf Tutorial!

You MUST make this cute scarf!

Here's why....
-Fast....Only takes 5 minutes!
-Cheap....Total cost= $1! Oh yeah :)
-Easy....No sewing machine required!
Need I say more?

Here's what you'll need:

Knit Scarf: $1 (Dollar Tree)
Yarn: on hand
Needle: on hand

this scarf has tassels on the end. cute, but we need to get rid of them!

{1} remove those tassels! they are just tied on, so untie them.

this is what your scarf will look like when all the tassels are off.

{2} place the right sides together.

{3} get your yarn & needle. start hand stitching. through over through over through over...

{4} when you get to the end, just tie it in a knot & weave in tails on both sides.

and you're done!
see, I told you! easy peasy and so darn cute!

these would make really cute friend Christmas gifts! darling & affordable.

Happy Wednesday :)


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