Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cute Walmart Hats!

I know, I know. Why am I advertising for Walmart?!
They already have a monopoly over everybody & I'm forced to shop there because it is the ONLY store in my hometown.

They have really cute & cheap winter hats right now.
I had to share them with ya'll.

i had to get this oh so cute turquoise pom pom hat for only $5
{i know you're thinking..."why doesn't she just make one??" but it's knit. i can't knit, i crochet. so i bought one :) }

can you see what that says? UTAH :)
i'm proud to live in Utah. are there any other fellow Utahns out there that read my blog??

they also have loads of animal earflap hats for only $10.88! {my animal hats on ETSY are much cuter & they are made by me! but once again, these are knit & i can't knit...}

i left the price tag on this one because i still can't decide if i can rock the raccoon hat....
what do you think??



  1. Those are some adorable hats, and the raccoon one looks good on you so don't worry. I will take a trip to Walmart this weekend and see if I have the same luck and find cute stuff for Winter.

  2. C-U-T-E!!! I LOVE the raccoon hat!!!


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