Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Colored Utensils!

Colored Spoons Tutorial found HERE.

I love this idea! Add color to your utensils! I would do these turquoise, red & yellow to match my kitchen :) {and I will do them when I can find the time! selling a house takes up most of your time....blah.} Do them to your spoons, forks & knives.

So simple & fun huh?! I would probably add a finish on top of the spray paint so it doesn't scratch off. That's one thing they didn't mention.

Happy Tuesday everyone!



  1. Chatelaine magazine had a similar way to update utensils, but using a rubber dip coating instead of spray paint.

    I just have to go find some cutlery.... :)

  2. oh i like the rubber dip coating idea! thanks for sharing :) i'll have to try that out. and go to the thrift store for some cutlery. super cheap!


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