Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The BEST Muddy Buddies EVER!

I don't like to brag, but I do make the best Muddy Buddies EVER!
Since I am a nice person, I'm going to share my recipe with you :)
I've tried the recipe on the box, but it is not great....so I made up my own!
It's probably the most addicting treat & a family favorite.


Here's what you need......

only 4 ingredients, sweet!
Rice Chex, Guittard Milk Choc Chips (or Ghiradelli), Crunchy Peanut Butter, Powdered Sugar

In a medium bowl, microwave entire bag of choc chips for 1 minute. Add 1/2 cup peanut butter. Microwave 40 seconds. Stir choc chips & peanut butter. In a large bowl, dump 1/2 box Rice Chex Cereal. Pour choc/pb mixture on top of cereal & stir until completely coated. Spoon chex mixture into a large ziploc bag. Top with 1/2 cup (more or less) powdered sugar. Seal bag & shake away! Pour finished muddy buddies in a bowl & EAT EAT EAT!



  1. I've heard you speak (or write) of these before. I am going to have to give them a try! Thanks for the recipe!!

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  3. Oops, I accidentally posted from my hubbies email :) What I wanted to say was YUMMMM.... Those look so good.

  4. Quick gluten-free deliciousness?! You are my hero today!


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