Friday, July 8, 2011

Baby Graham's Nursery

Happy Friday everyone!!
Today I want to share with you my sweet little Graham's nursery.
This was so much fun to do & now it's my favorite room in the house (even if it is the smallest room in the house).

Doing his nursery cost less than 300 buckaroos! You can save so much money when you make things & thrift!

I give you the nursery....

my sister gave me this awesome crib!

the red circle rug is from Ikea, $10.

i made the bed sheet & the bed skirt.
so easy!

you can find the breathable bumpers on Amazon, $21.49.

i made this quilt (with a little help from my amazing seamstress aunt. she bound the quilt for me, the hardest part!) i am super new to sewing, so i'm pretty darn proud! i love how it turned out.

"G" is for Graham :)

i looked & looked for baby mobiles & most were $60 or more on Etsy.
so....i made my own! it cost me less than $5!!
i used: felt, stuffing, fish line, a quilting ring & spray paint. so easy!

i had a canvas that was cute, but didn't match Graham's room.
so i covered it in fabric i had & glued on a wooden "G".

i had the hardest time finding a darn curtain for this window! we live in an old home, so the windows are really wide. i finally bought a roman shade (wrong size), turned it sideways & altered it to fit. perfect.

i thought an antique bubblegum machine would be so fun in his room.
found an Amazon, $19.48.

i filled it with red & white gumballs from the dollar store. i couldn't find any gray gumballs, so i traded someone on Etsy for these fab bingo balls. love them!

i got this awesome frame from Ikea, $.99. i made this print on Picnik.

printed a sock monkey for the other side.

this sweet vintage truck is from Hobby Lobby when it was half off! $12.50

this rocking chair was my husband's great great (maybe even great) grandma's & has been passed down. isn't it amazing?!

this little sock monkey was my inspiration for the nursery :)

you can find this darling print HERE.

i was tickled when i saw this vintage metal chair at my favorite antique store!
i knew it would be perfect for Graham's nursery & for $9!!

my darling friend made this sock monkey. amazing right??

i found this changing table for $15 on KSL. gave it a fresh coat of spray paint & voila!

i made the changing pad cover with minky fabric. it is oh so soft, but a pain in the bum to sew!!

fabric covered buttons to fasten it :)

i was so excited when i found these coke crates on ebay for $40 shipped!
(it was actually my husband's idea to use the crates, i can't take credit for that one)

pee pee tee pees are the bomb!
i made lots so i don't get peed on by the little dude :)

here's a panoramic shot of the nursery.
i hope you liked it :)



  1. I've seen the room before, but missed all the details. Now I'm really amazed!

  2. Such a cute nursery! You have great taste:)
    p.s. I'm your newest follower!


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